JOURNEY - Leather Morse Code Bracelet


About this Product

Embark on a stylish 'Journey' with our Morse code bracelet, hand crafted from genuine leather and adorned with bright colored beads. Adjustable clasp ensures a perfect fit for every adventurer.

Using a series of dots and dashes the International Morse Code was originally created by Samuel Morse and his acquaintance Alfred Veil in the 1830's as a way to communicate through an electric telegraph making this system the first form of texting! Now with a modern spin now you can give a little piece of history that's personally meaningful to you!

MorseLeather Co.

Dresser, WI

Meet the Maker

Hi I'm Kelli, wife to one handsome hubby, mother to seven energetic kiddos, and designer here at MorseLeather Co. I have a passion for real, raw materials. Leather, metals, rocks, wood, all of it! Mix that with the power of words and you've got MorseLeather Co. Where Morse Code meets genuine leather and secret messages are hidden in plain site.

My love for natural materials comes from being outdoors. We hike often, and living near the Saint Croix River, there's no shortage of trails, waterfalls, springs, and bedrock. As our family has grown we've had to get creative on how to hike and camp. We've been training our children to hammock camp and it's a life goal of mine to hike the 9 of us into a site and set up camp with only what's on our backs! So when you see words like "adventure" "journey" and "wonder" that's a piece of my story.

When people ask me how in the world do you have so many kids I say, "By the Grace of God." It is only by His grace that we make it through each day. It's not easy but it is so "beautiful" ordinary life is beautiful and we need to embrace and celebrate it. So when you see words like "faith" "sovereignty" and "redeemed" that's a piece of my story too.

I only just started MorseLeatherCo in 2023 and I have already been blessed with the privilege of meeting many new people and hearing their personal stories. I find that one simple word can mean so much to a person and the joy and encouragement we can bring to one another through words is immeasurable! So have a look around, and find the words that tell your story!

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How it’s Made

All our supplies are purchased from a local brick-and-mortar store -Thank you for your support!